Chasing after happiness

In my earlier article, I shared about how I came to the decision to let go of happiness in my life. In this article, I want to get more into the discussion  regarding what it means to chase after happiness in our lives. In order to understand how we are going to make a paradigm shift … More Chasing after happiness

Finding authentic happiness in the Christian life

Today, as we continue into the new year of transformation, let us ponder where we are seeking our happiness. Are we seeking after external things to put our trust in that may bring us happiness? If so, this will become short lived and we will become tired of it. However, if one is seeking an authentic and true happiness that is enduring and ever maturing, then we must turn our hearts and minds toward Jesus Christ and through the power of our faith and Grace in Christ alone, is there sustainable true happiness in our lives. Happiness is one of the many authentic trademarks of a transformed life that has been fully turned over to the will of a Sovereign God. … More Finding authentic happiness in the Christian life