How to Respond to the Harshest Critic – Christian Career, Job Development, Calling

Why is it that we seem to notice every flaw, missed step, and wrong turn and never seem to appreciate what we do right? It’s as if we’re looking to put ourselves down before someone else gets a chance. Meanwhile, we put on labels we were never meant to wear.

You’re not good enough. You’re too much. What a fool. Ugly. Rejected.

I’ve worn all these labels over various times in my life. I felt like I wasn’t good enough when I didn’t get a single college acceptance letter before my friends. My propensity to the melodramatic has often been met with an eye-rolling, leaving me to feel like I’m just too much.

I’ve made foolish decisions about relationships, commitments, and investments. Ever since being teased in elementary school, I’ve battled “ugly” when I look the mirror. Yep, even long after discovering that what God makes, He declares beautiful.

There’s no harsher critic than ourselves.

Of course, the enemy of God is right there affirming those false identity statements in an effort to hold us back from the abundant life God has promised (John 10:10).

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