Grieving During Christmas – Practical Tips for Grief Relief -Spiritual Living, Christian Faith

As I listened to my friend tell me what she was learning in her foster care classes, I realized once more that grief is grief and the seminar presenter was describing me! Since the death of our son, Mark, about two weeks before Thanksgiving I begin to struggle with anxiety, irritableness, an inability to maturely handle conflict and unexpected circumstances. Chuck always reminds me that the holidays are coming and I miss Mark.  Twenty years after his death, The grief is not as intense but it’s always there. Just remembering this helps me better handle life and all that the holidays bring.What to Do?There are some practical ways grieving people can help themselves navigate the holidays as well as help friends and broken children experience the joy of Christmas in the context of grief.Here are some of the intentional steps I tried to take early in our grief journey and still incorporate into our lives. For more of our journey to Christmas in the midst of grief, I invite you to also listen to us candidly talk about how we faced Christmas that first year without our son, Mark, in our interview:

Source: Grieving During Christmas – Practical Tips for Grief Relief -Spiritual Living, Christian Faith