St. Seraphim and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit | Heavenly Ascents

I want to share a few sections from the text that we read: A CONVERSATION OF ST. SERAPHIM OF SAROV WITH NICHOLAS MOTOVILOV CONCERNING THE AIM OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE ((Treasury of Russian Spirituality, ed. George P. Fedotov (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1948), 266-79, 496-97)). There are some very insightful teachings in this that I think LDS readers, especially, will appreciate.  This post is decidedly more “spiritual” than many of my posts, as this text is not only of academic value, but also “inspirational.”  Besides being of inspirational and also apologetic interest, I hope that these passages serve to emphasize the number of common perspectives that can be seen between LDS and Orthodox traditions.  I do believe that St. Seraphim and Joseph Smith (they were contemporaries) could have had some very nice conversations if they had had the chance.


The text is presented as a conversation between Seraphim and Nicholas Motovilov, a friend who often went to the monk for religious instruction and advice.  The main focus is on how a Christian can gain access to the Holy Spirit and how they can recognize it when they do.  Latter-day Saints will recognize the importance of such a conversation, not only for those engaged in teaching and preaching, but also for our daily lives.


St. Seraphim and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit | Heavenly Ascents.