A Believing Heart

The following devotion comes from Stand a Little Taller: Counseling and Inspiration for each day of the year by Gordon B. Hinkley. A short commentary follows to expound on the thought and principle truths of each devotion.


July 15, 2015

A Believing Heart

Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth. 

~ Mosiah 4:9 ~

Be not faithless, but believing (John 20:27). Believing in what? Believing in God our Eternal Father, as the Father of our spirits, as our leader, as our king. Believing in the Lord, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, our Savior, our Lord. Cultivate in your hearts a living and vibrant testimony of the restoration of the Gospel. Believe the Book of Mormon. Be not faithless in the knowledge that the priesthood of God has been restored to the earth. Believe in goodness. Believe in yourselves. Believe that each of you is a child of God with a divine birthright.

The greatest hallmark of an authentic Christian life is the mere belief in who God is, who Jesus Christ is and the purpose of the Gospel – especially in these last days. Our belief and faith in God is the foundation for eternal life. It is a simple formula.

Believe in God —> Walk according to His will through obedience to His commandments = Blessings and Abundance

Our belief is not a passive social gesture. It is not without faith. It is not without progression and growth in who we are as we align ourselves to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and follow Christ as our example. Our belief in God compels us to walk in humility. Show compassion towards those who are without and in need. The Christian life is living as Christ desires to have us live by His very own example. When we lack in our faith, we turn to God who will reveal to us wisdom and truth.

Faith increase along with grace. Believe thrusts us into an intimate relationship with a Sovereign and eternal Heavenly Father. It compels us to seek out His counsel, to know Him and Jesus Christ whom he has sent establishes our eternal salvation (See John 17:3).

Belief also requires surrendering. Letting go of our own suffering, our own bitterness, our own hatred, our own perceptions, judgments and prejudices. We surrender our will and natural desires in order to become new and whole. It transforms us from the thoughts of social context we find ourselves in. Ever transforming and increasing in abundance of opportunities to learn, face challenges, seek out opportunities to be of service to others, and strengthen our faith to knowing the reality that God truly is not dead.

Take a moment to reflect on the simple power of belief and search your heart to see if there is anything keeping you from believing in God. Let go of anything that has become an idol in your life and place your hope, trust and faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. A believing heart is comforted and secure in the Lord.