Why we don’t go to Church

Came across this on my facebook news feed. A post in the Facebook Group Christian Support and Encouragement. Posting it here with the video and comment from the author:

..but we tried..Someone needs to say what needs to be said. There are so many people who have been rejected and have never gone back to church and many who are hurting. Church is the one place we look for unconditional love because we look for Jesus when we go there. As Christians we are to represent Jesus in and outside the house of God. No more excuses! We’re not perfect but we either stand for Christ or we don’t. The oppression cannot be lifted in the churches until they accept this is a real problem that needs to be dealt with. We are called to be different and stand out as Christians! It’s time to see change!!! Christians we need to practice what we preach!

If we don’t acknowledge there is a problem and pretend it doesn’t exist it won’t get fixed! I hope people will listen with their hearts and not get defensive!! Blondes can’t rap……but we tried…

Lyrics written by (me) Joannie Rosevear Original song..



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