Path of obedience

Always a good reminder for us as we strive to live an authentic Christian life. Today, the thought of obedience within the Church is somewhat of a misnomer. Quickly, one will recite Paul’s statement to the Christians in Galatia. They fail to realize that Paul was not talking about obedience in these passages as one understands, Paul was actually referring to the ritual rites that had an attachment of salvation/approval (mainly Circumcision to be counted among the seed of Abraham and the Blessed covenant people). Obedience, therefore, ought to be part of our Christian walk and heritage, for it is through our own obedience to follow Christ that we become more and more sanctified in His name.

daily meditation

forest-682003_640Exodus 7:6: And Moses and Aaron did as the LORD commanded them, so did they. (KJV)

Human beings think that they are wiser than God. That was what happened in the Garden of Eden where Eve thought it was better that she eats the wrong fruit against God’s commandment (Genesis 3).

She ate what she was told not to eat and the rest is history. Everything went downhill. Her choice messed all of us up. She would have spared all of us the stress if she did as God told her, without questioning or second-guessing.

Moses did not do as he was told and he missed out on the Promised Land (Numbers 20:1-20), King Saul did not do as he was told and he lost the throne (1Samuel 13).

We should not be full of ourselves thinking that we know all things. We do not. Knowledge is…

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