High school student: I’ve been suspended 3 times for preaching, handing out Bible tracts

This article has garnered much conversation about separation of Church and State. Does a student have the fundamental right to attend a public school and freely express his faith without fear of intimidation, threat’s or even harassment from other’s? In our modern society, the courtroom of public opinion seems to lean more and more heavily toward atheistic vitriolic statements that attack Christianity, Christian beliefs and values and even Christian’s themselves.

Granted, I was not present there as an eyewitness and there are always three sides to every story. However, the question I ask is this: Have we gone so far to allow public opinion to become more matters of fact rather than engaging in healthy dialogue about differences of public opinion without showing forth our willingness to wrestle in the mud pit like pigs?

Q13 FOX News

EVERETT, Wash. — Michael Leal says he preaches the message from the gospel and hands out Bible tracts every day at his high school — actions that allegedly got him suspended three times in one month.

“Lately it’s been outside, maybe a few times inside, it really depends on where I’m at and where the people are at, as well,” Leal said Wednesday.

The senior at Cascade High School in Everett says he was suspended three times in the month of October for preaching and handing out Bible tracts during school hours on school grounds.

“It’s usually during quiet time, self time, time for yourself, or lunch, after school, before school, stuff like that. I never try to do it to disrupt the school schedule at all,” Leal said.

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After the first suspension, Leal said he contacted an attorney to send the school district a different message.

“Students  don’t leave…

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