Where Have All The Christians Gone? – Identity Fulfilled

Guest blogger Colleen Batcheider writes this on August 8, 2014 Where Have All The Christians Gone? – Identity Fulfilled. Here is an excerpt of the article:

Christianity calls for distinction of character, difference in action and determination of lifestyle. It is a decision that stems from belief and is evidenced through faith. We have raised a generation of chameleons who have sought relevance without redemption.

We have become so desperate to keep people in the church that we have refused to be the church. Drunkenness is permissible. Premarital sex is normative. Righteousness is ridiculed and purity is archaic.

This article raises a relevant and most important question: As a Christian, are we merely conforming to the idealism of what Christianity is all about? Or, are we willing to shed the illusion and false perception and realize that being a Christian is much more of character and integrity?

Today, it is more important to get back to what being a Christian truly is rather than conforming to a false idea of how we perceive Christianity is.