CA Open letter to readers and followers

This is directed to those who are readers and followers of this blog.

First off, thank you for taking the time to make Christian Authenticity part of your daily reading and devotional. There are many various blogs and inspiring articles out there that one is able to read. Again, thank you for your time and readership. Secondly, it is the hope that Christian Authenticity continues to gain more readership, social media likes and shares, and continued growth. Regarding this, the goal is to add more contributing writers to CA who have a passion to share their thoughts and commentary on how they are living out an authentic Christian life. In addition, not only is CA seeking contributing article submissions, guest posts, we are also seeking for financial contributions to start paying for the ability to implement videos into blog posts, and potentially provide nominal compensation for those who do write for Christian Authenticity.

Finally, CA is interested in how the articles are helping you in your faith and how it is inspiring you to walk in a more genuine and authentic Christian life. This is your chance to provide a letter in how the articles inspire you, provide feedback in what you – the readers – are looking for in articles and also any questions and concerns regarding some of the areas of your walk with Christ that you are struggling with.

I look forward hearing from you and hearing your thoughts and feedbacks. You can leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section or email them privately to