Finding peace and balance

For the past couple of Sundays, I have attended the 9:15 am service at Ballard Church in Seattle, Washington. Pastor Rob Stewart is currently preaching a series entitled {Talk To Me Seattle}. This morning sermon focused on Matthew 5:6, Isaiah 32:16-17 and Psalm 85:10. The topic: Having a deep hunger and thirst for righteousness and finding fulfillment in satisfying those deep hungers and thirsts. The focal point of this sermon is finding peace and balance in one’s life.

God’s desire is for us to come to know righteousness. Not in the sense that we are to fulfill any legalistic laws in order to garner blessings. The truth is that God’s desire for us to come to know righteousness means that we come with a deep ache to find true peace and balance that is only granted through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6

What is righteousness? Based on the message this morning, Righteousness is essentially Shalom. According to one website, the Hebrew for Shalom means “Peace” and the root word is Shalam, which means “To restore” and connotates a sense of “wholeness and completeness.” In this context, we read the passage of Matthew 5:6 as “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for peace, completeness and wholeness, for they will be filled.” It is the idea that we come with a deep ache to find fulfillment in our own lives. Seeking to be filled with a sense of wholeness and completeness.

This is a deep intimate desire to right the imbalance we may feel in all aspects of our own lives. The recognition that there is imbalance in the lives of others. Through our recognition of our own imbalance in our own lives, coming to quench that hunger and thirst that cause us to ache and seek peace: we are then able to turn to others with deep compassion and reach out to them in order to help them find peace and balance in their own lives.

Along with this, we come to know that in finding ourselves in a deep ache to satisfy our own hunger and thirst, the blessing is knowing that Christ is there with us in the midst of our own imbalance. In fact, one does not have to be right with God in order to seek Him. It is not about fulfilling particular laws of obedience before we are blessed and satisfied in fulfillment of finding balance and peace. Christ is there with us in the midst of our own storms where we struggle to make sense of the things going on in our own lives. Jesus is on our side when we ache deeply for peace and balance.

Today, are you finding yourself with a deep hunger and thirst for balance in your own life? Seeking for true peace of mind? It is when we turn our hearts toward Christ that He comes and gives us “living waters” where we find that peace and balance.


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