Reading through the Bible in 2014

If you are somewhat like me – you may not have ever read through the Bible in one year. This does not mean you have not read the Bible, or understand the principles drawn from reading various passages. However, many attempt to read through the Bible and may wonder what is the best way to carry out this goal.

About two or three weeks ago, I happened to browse online at Christian Books. for some study bibles for a special person. Part of our goal centered around reading through the Bible together along with doing our devotions together. Being particular to the various study bibles, I wanted something that would draw us both together as we both draw closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The one bible that stood out to me is the Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible. Both of us ventured out to a local Family Christian Bookstore and found one in the New King James Version. I ordered the same in the New American Standard Bible Version.

NKJV Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible

Familiar with Charles Stanley’s teachings, I decided to buy and thumb through to see if this particular Bible met the desired needs. So, if you have the desire to read through the Bible for this coming year and engage in a daily devotion then this is the type of Bible I recommend purchasing. Along with it, Charles Stanley provides life principle applications for the daily passages.

The format of this particular Bible has the Old Testament, a Psalm, a Proverb and then a passage from the New Testament. A wonderful way to start of one’s morning in reading through the Bible, and then having simple statements of how particular passages of that days reading apply into our lives as we grow and learn to live by the “word of God that proceeds forth” (see Matthew 4:4)

Again, this is good for personal enrichment and devotion or for couples and group study and devotional. The text of this New King James Bible (NKJV) is arranged in 365 portions, each including devotional insights derived from Dr. Stanley’s Life Principles Bible. The full text of the Bible is broken into daily readings so you can read the Bible in a year. The daily 15 minute readings consist of a passage from the Old Testament, readings from Psalms and Proverbs, and a New Testament passage. Notes from Dr. Stanley shed additional light on each day’s readings, and articles apply the scriptures to our daily lives. This daily Bible is designed to bring more focus and depth to the time spent in God’s Word. Features include:

  • NKJV Text for daily reading
  • Life Principles articles focusing on application of the daily text
  • Life Lessons that give insight into Scripture portions

If, therefore, your resolution is to read through the Bible and to find an enriching devotional to help strengthen your faith, this is the one I am going with to use in my own personal life and devotion. There are many wonderful devotions out there, and many wonderful Bibles out there that allow you to read through the scriptures in a one year time period. For me, however, having both a devotional and one year Bible reading plan within the same text is wonderful to grow and learn from the very word of God.