Dilemma of Obedience

This is not about works or grace in the current contextual understanding. It is about hearing the Lord speak to us in our present day lives. Oswald Chambers has this to say: Get into the habit of saying, “Speak, Lord,” and life will become a romance (1 Samuel 3:9). Every time circumstances press in on … More Dilemma of Obedience

Freeing those in bondage

In the Life Principles Daily Bible by Charles F. Stanley, the readings are: Exodus 3:1-4:31; Psalm 16:1-6; Proverbs 5:1-6; Matthew 18:1-20. Reading the particular life lessons included in the passages – a theme about going before and setting the captives free. Moses was called by God to go before the Pharaoh in seeking the freedom and liberation of the … More Freeing those in bondage

Obtaining knowledge by learning through faith

“Let us continue, brethren and sisters, to work in the name of the Lord our God; gathering wisdom and intelligence day by day, that every circumstance which transpires may minister to our good.” ~ Lorenzo Snow, December 7, 1869 ~ Reading through the first chapter of Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow, the parable of the … More Obtaining knowledge by learning through faith

Return good for evil

In the devotional titled, Stand a Little Taller – counsel and inspiration for each day of the year, we read the following scripture and thought: Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake ~ Matthew 5:11 ~ Draw comfort … More Return good for evil

Our Daily Bread | Making bricks without straw

Jennifer Schuldt provides insight in how God works behind the scenes in our lives: even during the worst times of our lives (via Our Daily Bread).  Many of us face the challenge of working with limited resources. Equipped with less money, less time, dwindling energy, and fewer helpers, our workload may remain the same. Sometimes, it … More Our Daily Bread | Making bricks without straw

Shine His Light

Originally posted on Broken, Restored, & Redeemed:
“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16- How many of you remember that song “This Little Light of Mine?” There is so much truth in that song. Once we become…

Inauthentic Christian living a model of holiness?

Mark Galli published an interesting article in the Soulwork column of Christianity today. This article focuses on the nature of Christian living and how one lives within a given social context that is contrary to their own core values and belief systems. The comparison he draws upon is a character from Downton Abbey named Tom Branson. … More Inauthentic Christian living a model of holiness?

Becoming a Temple unto God

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has reported dates for the open house and dedication of the Fort Lauderdale Temple in Florida. This will make the 143rd temple in operation by the Mormon Church. These buildings are exquisite in their architectural designs, with beautiful landscape, and interior artistic designs. In these buildings, faithful Latter-day … More Becoming a Temple unto God

Authentic Christianity and Social Media

Richard Sumner published a posting at his blog about Social Media Christianity. His observations about how Christians and non-Christians interact and communicate with one another on Social media forums is right on. Personally, I have engaged in several different forums where discussions had not been appropriate if conducted in a face to face type situation. … More Authentic Christianity and Social Media

An honest reflection | My purpose in seeking transformation toward a more enduring authentic Christian life

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit the Mars Hill Church in Shoreline, Washington. The sermon finished up a series based off the book of Malachi and left me contemplating much in my own life as to being an authentic Christian. The title of the sermon series is: Living for a Legacy. I bring this … More An honest reflection | My purpose in seeking transformation toward a more enduring authentic Christian life