Next up: force the churches to perform gay weddings

The Matt Walsh Blog is a very interesting blog that provides an individual perception into the social issues that we are facing today. I read this article and found it a bit refreshing in light of the current cultural issue at hand. The LGBT Community has long stood in the shoes of bullying tactics when it comes to appeasing their sexual appetite. Bullying is a justifiable term to apply in this particular context because, when you go and study how the APA removed the diagnosis of Homosexuality from the DSM, it began with the actual bullying tactics of one individual in order for their sexual preferences to be more palatable and acceptable in today’s society.

However, one has to also remain open minded and understanding how many of those within the Gay community have been stigmatized, discriminated against and heavy handedly mistreated. There definitely is some validity in the history of the Gay Movement and Social apprehension against people who identified themselves as same-sex attracted and/or gay.

This is not merely a simple cultural aspect of our society today – it is a more complex and ever increasing divisive issue that we are grappling with. The question remains – how do we allow freedom of religious expression continue to be the backdrop of American Society while allowing people of a particular community live and breath with the same alienable rights that we all desire and have?

My own thoughts are this: Homosexuality is a sin. So is Adultery, pedophilia, rape, fornication and all other aspects of sexuality and sexual depravity. In fact, it is not just a sin, but it can become quite addictive with its own Sexaholics Anonymous.
Regardless, we must call it what it is and sometimes, truth is a two-edged sword.