How to recover all you’ve lost

This is a very pertinent article and thought on how we are to counsel with God and trust in the counsel our loving Heavenly Father provides to each one of us. Despite where we may find ourselves, looking to God for restoration in our lives is important as we grow spiritually mature.

daily meditation

1Samuel 30:8: And David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I pursue after this band? Shall I overtake them?” He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake and shall surely rescue.”

You cannot be chicken-hearted and be able to recover all. You have to take action in that direction. You have to realise that because you are down does not mean you are out. You must believe the bible which says: for he that is joined to the living, there is hope no matter how difficult the situation is (Ecclesiastes 9:4).

David found himself in a most difficult situation, everything he had was taken away and it was as if all his years of running away from Saul had been a waste, the same with his men. They were full of sorrow, with many in tears. They seem to have lost everything and thought of unleashing their anger on…

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