Why So Many Christians Are Relaxing Over Drinks | Christianity Today

According to a Christianity Today article by Kevin P. Emmert, Christians are relaxing their stance over alcohol. This includes some well known Christian higher educations (like Moody Bible Institute) where they are now lifting the ban on alcohol and tobacco use. Interesting enough, a side-bar to the article provides some basic perceptions on the nature of Alcohol. According to a Lifeway Research conducted in 2007, 65% of Protestant pastors did not view alcohol as a sin. 60% of the protestant laity population agreed that alcohol is not sinful. 22% percent of protestant pastors actually consume alcohol while 39% of the protestant laity consume alcohol.

In our culture and society, does there appear to be a relaxing grip on Alcohol within the Christian community? What are the views of Christians when it comes to alcohol?

via Why So Many Christians Are Relaxing Over Drinks | Christianity Today.